I Drive Analytics

An application to analyze causes of emergency situations on the roads.

We worked on this project together with another IT software house for the client from Germany. The main idea of this project was to make mobile application that could act as a video recorder.
The phone, in the event of a critical situation, sends a video with a traffic incident to the server for analysis. The emergency situation is determined using a set of complex calculations based on the readings of various sensors of the mobile phone. In addition, the application has an advanced algorithm for working with streaming video.


– Work with video stream
– Work with GPS sensor
– Work with the accelerometer
– Work with a gyroscope
– Complex analysis of combinations of different sensor indicators in the stream

During development of this application, we gained more experience on how to process a large amount of incoming data on a mobile device. Also, we learned how to determine when a mobile processor can’t cope with data processing or works at its peak limit.