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Our story started from a few individuals who had their own careers in telecommunication and engineering sectors. As strong professionals, we were working with various projects and designing solutions for the systems of complex transport and logistics companies. Our main focus was on fleet management and transport monitoring systems. Our primary experience in telecommunication and engineering sectors gave us fundamental knowledge of programming language and engineering skills.
  • #smartphoneera
    With the start of the smartphone era, our work evolved to programming GSM monitoring terminals and other digital equipment. In addition, we also programmed various devices that had a cellular and GSM connection. Moreover, at our previous jobs in telecommunications and engineering companies our main team leaders and technical manager provided us with professional programming training of iOS and Android, which helped us to reach a high expert level. Later on, we started providing training services of those operation systems to beginners in programming of mobile applications. We started from scratch with a design on primary phones that had Bada and Tizen operation systems. Through exciting years of experience in this field, we realised that there are far more challenges in the digital world that we can contribute to. With these thrilling realisations, we have started our journey towards the application programming.
  • #digitaldesign
    The time went by and we saw how technologies are moving forward and being improved. With the rise of such concepts as UI, UX, digital design and various programming languages, we came to a realisation that our strong experience allows us to become successful as a digital agency that can not only contribute to the design of various IT projects but also consult other companies that struggle on their pathway to excellence.
  • #knowhow
    As professionals, we have a strong background and know-how in various business fields. Our rich experience enables us to have a deep knowledge of the processes that are in every business, regardless of its size. We have strong attention to detail and ability to encounter and eliminate the risks before they damage the core. Strong project management skills help us to deliver the final project in a time-efficient manner.
  • #mixofprofessionals
    Currently, companies prefer to have all complex decisions sorted with one provider that can help through the whole process from simple consultations and marketing tools to the final product. Our team is a mix of strong professionals that have a deep knowledge of their field. As a result, this composition enables us to provide a customer with a team of real professionals that can manage a project from the beginning to the very end with excellence. As a perfect illustration of our success is the high rating in B2B Clutch ranking.