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On 27th of March, 2018, Apple inc., the top manufacturer of mobile devices and developer of amazing mobile software presented new product from their own line. In my personal opinion, the main idea of Apple Special Event ( was not presentation of the new iPad (excellent device, without a doubt). The main point was, as usual, value. This time it was Education. With a capital letter E!

Apple as a leader in whole industry, as the company, which defines direction of IT evolution for years ahead, chooses Education as a focus and I agree with it as never before. “Education is a fundamental human right. Every girl and boy, everywhere, is entitled to attend school and learn. Across the world, some children are more likely to miss out on education than others. That deprivation has lifelong consequences that often mean that the next generation, too, will start out at a disadvantage. The resulting cycles of inequality and deprivation thwart the potential of both individuals and societies.”( – simple and clear explanation why education is so important.

Special effort and attention to education area shall surely help to solve key questions of modern science and all humanity. This goal certainly requires demonstration of different approaches to successfully achieve it. And a lot of them, regardless of size and level of impact, strive to use mobile devices as a helpful and simple tool for this goal.

One of our client, one of the most prestigious and modern education institution in Kiev – Novopecherska school ( ), rightly decided that mobile application is a perfect tool to solve all open issues, which they faced within organization in some of their processes in their own center for additional education “Release education” ( ).

Mobile app development
Mobile app development

This mobile app is only for internal use by teachers, students and their parents. A lot of useful and necessary information is there in the app. Students and teachers can find info about their schedule. Parents can also see schedule of their children, list of tasks for them, information about progress and success of their children. Also, all of them can get information about general rating of students and other necessary information about school.

Moreover, mobile app is an additional channel for communication with parent audience and for receiving feedback from them.

When current academic year will end, our team will implement new features in the app. I will tell you about them, of course! So, wait for updates from me!


Sincerely Yours,

Project manager Max

Sonder Digital


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