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Rich in providing outstanding business solutions, Sonder Digital incorporated in 2009 is headquartered at Vilnius in Lithuania. With years of experience in the IT products development sector, the company has formed a requisite principle in working with efficient and current customers. The team at Sonder Digital is very attentive in working on minute details of the business project. The proficient team at the company always works closely with the clients to provide them with the best possible business solutions enabling the team to use the resources in terms of time and finance with maximum productivity. In other words, it can be said that the main aim of Sonder Digital is to deliver clients’ business, marketing, or social goals by maximum effective ways. Moreover, the company caters the services to the clients of different verticals like HealthCare, Social Media, Logistics, and Ecommerce. Having its presence in three continents, the efficient team at Sonder Digital have completed 92 projects by giving their 120000 working hours and have satisfied around 68 clients from 15 countries.

Sonder Digital was evaluated by GoodFirms, a flourishing online review & analysis portal where different organizations can enroll themselves to get certified regularly. Through this assessment process, it becomes easy for the service seekers to partner with the companies matching their stipulations. The valuation process conducted by the GoodFirms research unit is based on three essential criteria – Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Besides this, few other criteria are also judged during the evaluation process such as the quality service-offerings provided by the business, the unit performance in the organization, their expert skill set, client reports, and such other stipulations.

Sonder digital provides to the clients with the stunning mobile apps giving the fruitful results which enable the company to maintain the long-term relations. Moreover, the company caters to the clients with a full-suite and cost-effective mobile app solutions services. Furthermore, the team at Sonder Digital emphasizes on minute detailing of the project requirements at an early stage of development which enables the developers to avoid lots of risks occurring during the development cycle and also after the project delivery. With the dedicated app developers, Sonder Digital had earned a tag of the ‘trusted mobile app development company in Lithuania at GoodFirms for its innovative and feature-rich mobile app development solutions. With agile methodology, the proficient app developers at the company divide the process into sprints, each of them containing some part of the real functions of the project. The highly experienced mobile app developers at the company possess adequate knowledge of developing Native iPhone and iPad mobile apps using the high-level of tools & technologies and frameworks like – ReactiveCocoa, Core Data, Realm, Core Location, MapKit, AVFoundation, and many others.

The following review at GoodFirms is the evidence of the quality service-offerings catered by the app developers at Sonder Digital.

Sonder Digital client review

The professional developers at the company are well-versed for creating ingenious mobile apps agile with all browsers and platforms. The team at the company accouches the best and high-quality mobile app designs to the clients worldwide. Apps designed by the developers are smart, practical and easily customizable. Moreover, the professional designers cater to the clients with end-to-end services and keep the apps up-to-date and running. Having a passion for creating out of the box designs, the expert designers’ team of the company begins the project with a thorough roadmap. Thus, assuring usability and creativity in every app infused, Sonder Digital embellishes at GoodFirms as one of the top mobile app design companies in Lithuania amongst the listed ones.

Sonder Digital is a preeminent solution provider in customized business solutions offering analytical solutions for imperative business management through IT in today’s information-intensive and competing markets demanding precision management. The solutions, products, services, and reporting mechanisms help companies adapt their people with corporate aims and tactics to nourish their accomplishment to the maximum. This is managed through robust metrics and scorecards that assure organizational functioning in terms of inevitable execution measures and areas. Thus, by offering the best IT requirements which will fit with project goals of IT companies will soon dubb Sonder Digital as one of the best IT services companies at GoodFirms.

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